The wait is over for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They are now proud parents of a baby boy and they will show off their offspring at an event in Windsor Castle. A selected group of media persons will attend and they will have authority to share the photographs with others. The group includes members from both the UK and the US. There is a restriction and many have criticized the decision. It seems the CBS network of America will be there. It is understandable because Meghan is an American and will always have a weakness for anything American, including TV channels like CBS.

News AU reports that one particular member of CBS shares a good rapport with Meghan Markle and was present at Meghan’s baby shower in New York.

A palace aide has justified the inclusion of CBS by saying, “This reflects the international interest in the story. The international camera spot was self-selected and the pictures will be available for pool use.”

Harry and Meghan are free from tension

Baby Sussex is in august company. His mother was a relatively well-known American actor and his father is a British fighter pilot who saw action in Afghanistan. The boy will grow up with the best of two worlds. He is a mixed-race child and it reflects the changes in society as modern Britain adjusts to a culturally diverse population.

His parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on cloud nine as they soak in the glory of being new parents at their Frogmore Cottage home. They now have plans to show off the baby but they have not yet decided on his name. Two names doing the rounds in betting circles are Alexander and Spencer but the parents could opt for some other name.

In fact, they might have already decided on the name and will announce it at the appropriate time.

News AU goes on to add that family members are happy at the new arrival.

The Duke of Cambridge says the “he is looking forward to seeing them in the next few days when things have quietened down”. The Prince of Wales was “delighted” at the arrival of his latest grandchild. Harry’s grandmother, the Queen, also expressed her happiness at the new arrival.

Meghan had to forego a home birth

According to The Sun UK, Meghan Markle had to finally get admitted in a hospital for the birth of her baby. She had planned for a home birth but had to forget it and make a secret hospital dash to London with Harry. It seems her delivery was one week overdue. Even senior members of the royal family were not aware of these developments. The baby weighed 7lb 3oz boy and was born at the stroke of sunrise in Windsor.

Within hours of the birth, the parents returned to Frogmore where Prince Harry gave an impromptu press conference to break the news to the world. He was overjoyed as he should be because he now enters another phase in his life.

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