Barack Obama's publisher Penguin Random House had hopes of getting his memoir published this year. However, that is not likely to happen. The author wants to hold it back to coincide with the 2020 presidential election buzz as it gains momentum. His wife Michelle finished her Book on time and it is on its way to becoming “the best-selling autobiography ever after shifting 10 million copies.” Her husband, former president Barack Obama might wish to outdo the success of Michelle’s 2018 book as he awaits the opportune moment.

Daily Mail UK reports Barack is not keen to disclose much, nor even its title.

However, as per indications, it could be when the buzz of the 2020 presidential election is at its height. He feels his book should outdo that of his wife. It seems he has revealed that he himself is penning the book whereas Michelle used a ghostwriter.

Barack Obama has other books to his name

The former POTUS has written books in the past, long before he became the president in 2008. The first of these was “Dreams From My Father” in 1995 followed by “The Audacity of Hope” in 2006. Both made it to the list of bestsellers.

Michelle, in her memoir “Becoming”, mentioned that solitude was most important for Barack Obama when he was writing. She added that once he rented a home in Bali to complete his work, leaving his family in the US.

Daily Mail UK continues, noting that the former president was probably planning to take advantage of the 2020 presidential election.

He could deal with related issues on the primaries and debate on the most likely Democrat nominee who could succeed next November. He has, so far, reserved his opinion on the possible candidate but might open up on that later. Incidentally, his book would possibly begin with his 2004 Democratic National Convention speech. Since the election would fall before the Thanksgiving holiday period, Barack Obama hopes to reap some benefits.

This book will be different

According to USA Today, publisher Penguin Random House appears to be worried about the delay in the release of the memoir of former president Barack Obama. The publishing house has begun to keep its foreign partners updated on the status of the book. It seems he is handwriting a first draft himself on legal pads. That is the technique he followed for many of his White House speeches and also for his first best-seller “Dreams From My Father.” Latest indications are that it could happen during the 2020 campaign. That could put him in the spotlight because he is seen as the most popular Democrat in the country and his words and thoughts carry weight. The Obamas signed the book contract with Penguin Random House in 2017. The exact value is not known but it was a significant amount. Bill Clinton’s “My Life” fetched $15 million.