The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will now be a part of social media by virtue of their presence on Instagram. Their own Instagram page comes on the heels of news related to a parting of ways from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Within no time, the Instagram account of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry set a record of 1 million-follower mark in five hours and 45 minutes. Guinness World Records has confirmed it.

ABC AU reports Harry and Meghan’s account eclipsed the record set by Kang Daniel, a K-Pop star who reached the coveted 1 million-follower mark in 11 hours and 36 minutes in January.

Before Daniel came on the scene, Pope Francis held the title. He reached the figure in 2016, and it took him 12 hours.

Meghan and Harry are on cloud nine

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their first post on Instagram uploaded a number of photos related to their trip to Australia last year. There is also an image of their joint monogram apart from other photos. By the time they uploaded their second post, their follower count had reached the 3 million mark. The second post had photos of Prince Harry who was attending an official engagement at a YMCA center in London.

ABC AU goes on to add that the Instagram page will highlight activities that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hold dear to their heart.

These will include work that they assign importance to, various causes the royal couple supports, apart from important announcements. They will also use the posts to highlight key issues. The fans could be hoping to see Baby Sussex first on Instagram.

Return of Meghan to the social media

According to Fox News, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have joined the social media by launching their joint Instagram account weeks before the Duchess is expected to give birth to their first child.

The purpose of the verified account is to share moments close to their hearts. To start the ball rolling, they have shared some photos with their followers. These include their trip to Australia last fall. Then there are photos of Meghan Markle with women of a community kitchen apart from interaction with fans in London. Meghan had complied a cookbook containing more than 50 recipes prepared by women from the Grenfell community.

Before her marriage, Meghan was active on social media but following her engagement to Prince Harry, she deleted those accounts. In early March, she had said that she tries to stay off social media to avoid controversies. However, she now has her own account and it is possible that news about the royal baby could break first on social media.