UN's Global Environment Outlook (GEO) undertook a study to determine the effects of environmental Pollution on human lives. The study went on for six years, involved 250 scientists from 70 nations and it concluded that environmental pollution is responsible for premature deaths of millions of people a year. The report is exhaustive and runs into 740 pages and it lays blame squarely on factors like emissions, polluted drinking water, and the destruction of ecosystems.

Daily Mail UK reports the GEO study is an eye-opener.

It highlights the growing divide between the rich and poor countries. The former indulge in over-consumption, pollution, and food waste while the latter languish in hunger, poverty, and disease. It blames air pollution as the single largest factor that accounts for nearly 7 million early deaths every year. The report mentions greenhouse gas emissions as a contributory factor for various climatic disorders like droughts, floods, and superstorms aggravated by rising sea levels.

Policymakers will need to realize the implications

In 2015, world leaders drew up the Paris accord on climate change in which nations agreed to cut down on emissions in order to limit the rise in global temperatures. However, there is little or no realization of issues related to associated problems like impacts of pollution, deforestation, and the mechanized food-chain on the health of people.

There is a need to address these aspects and draw up an agreement to protect the environment on the lines of the Paris climate accord.

The GEO study revealed a few causes of premature deaths.

Daily Mail UK says one of these is poor access to clean drinking water. Then there are the loss of lives due to chemicals that enter the seas and loss of habitats due to mega-farming and deforestation. The report also says food waste leads to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The report will be unveiled at the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi.

Air pollution is ruining lives

According to Newsweek, air pollution is a killer. A study reveals deaths caused by air pollution are more than that caused by smoking. ESA launched a satellite to monitor global air pollution. People can no longer ignore the reality because exposure to polluted air takes its toll on longevity. A combination of densely populated areas and poor quality of air means health problems. It is linked to the way of life and politicians and policymakers will need to assign priority to embrace alternatives. They will have to seriously consider replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy in accordance with the spirit of the 2015 Paris Climate accord.

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