Meghan Markle is in an advanced stage of pregnancy. In spite of that, she has continued to maintain a busy schedule attending various engagements. She was there in back-to-back charity functions and her fans will miss her. She loves to empower women through her charity missions. It seems the next time she faces the public, she would have become a mother and will have her husband, Prince Harry beside her, probably with their newborn baby in her arms.

News AU reports Meghan’s last official engagement was a program on Commonwealth Day.

It was at Westminster Abbey and the foursome was there. They were the brothers Prince William and Prince Harry along with their wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. All eyes are now on the American actor who fell in love with a Prince and married him after a fairytale romance. Meghan’s fans and well-wishers want to see the lovable pair with their baby.

She will meet people but in private

The Duchess of Sussex will not step out in public until after the baby is born. However, she is not one to remain idle for long. That is not in her blood because she always wants to keep her mind occupied. Hence, she will continue to interact with others through private meetings over the next couple of weeks.

There are speculations on her due date. News AU says a section of her followers are trying to arrive at a date based on the timing of her maternity leave.

They have based their logic on Kate Middleton and her third child Prince Louis. Kate had her final engagement on March 22 last year and her son was born one month later, on April 23. Such logic might not hold true for Meghan. In case it does, her baby could be due in mid-April.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle together

According to Cosmopolitan, the royal couples were seen together on Commonwealth Day. Kate Middleton gave her sister-in-law Meghan Markle a cheek-kiss. It is a typical British type of greeting and Kate did it in front of the entire world. It was Meghan’s last official appearance in public before she has her baby, and Kate wanted to send across a positive message.

A section of observers interprets this as an example of professionalism and “putting on a show of togetherness.” There have been rumors in the past about rifts in relationships between the women. Anyway, Meghan and Harry will be moving out to their new home outside of London. They are accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

She was an actor, he was a fighter pilot and they want the freedom to enjoy life on their own terms and stay out of controversies.

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