An alert motorist saw what looked like a Sinkhole near a Chase bank branch in Pembroke Pines, florida. He notified the authorities and it turned out to be a tunnel that led to the bank. Sinkholes are usually the result of ground collapse through various reasons and one even appeared on the White House lawn.

There was also the incident of the rescue of a pug in Florida that fell down a deep sinkhole. However, this new one appeared to be manmade with a specific objective in mind. Since it was in the vicinity of a bank, it could have been a part of nefarious activities connected to a possible heist.

The Guardian reports that the FBI is on the job and investigators have uncovered evidence that points to the involvement of some people. The entrance is located in the nearby woodland area and the FBI recovered electrical equipment like a generator and cords from the site. The tunnel passed below ground level and was pointing in the direction of the bank.

Discovery foiled the plans

The preliminary investigation into the sinkhole and probable bank robbery indicates that the diggers had excavated the soil by hand using something like a pickaxe and transported the rubble via a small wagon.

Investigators found a ladder and muddy footwear inside the tunnel. Digging such a tunnel must have been a laborious process. The authorities confirmed that the tunnel was empty and there were no bodies inside. However, there was no clue about when digging began or when it stopped.

Investigators appear to be a bit at sea because there was no crime committed in the bank.

The Guardian says that as of now, there are no suspects and no arrests but law enforcement agencies have their methods to ferret out information. They will probably apprehend the miscreants. FBI Miami Special Agent Michael D. Leverock likened it to something out of the movies and admitted it was difficult to ascertain when the diggers built the tunnel.

In his words: “They could have been here a week ago, last night. We don’t know at this time.”

The tunnel was heading towards the ATM

According to CNN, the report of a possible sinkhole near a Chase bank on Flamingo Road in Florida turned out to be a tunnel that probably collapsed due to rains in the recent past. A pair of muddy boots in the tunnel lends credence to this theory. It is a small tunnel, its direction was towards the ATM, and the entrance was in a wooded area near a shopping complex. FBI is on the job and they believe more than one person was involved in an attempted robbery.