The anger room in Beijing was created by a 25-year-old woman who quit her job and started off with a new venture. It is a room and involves young people in the age group of 20 to 35. They are her customers and, by default, frustrated and angry and want to get it out of their system. Therefore, they come to this place, pay an amount and get an opportunity to smash up wine bottles, mannequins, TV sets and even telephones to release tension. These are not brand new items, rather they are old unwanted ones that the girl and her team procures.

Sky News reports this concept of an Anger Room is relatively new in China.

The facility began to function in September. Jin Meng and her friends have set it up and their requirement is around 15,000 bottles every month. Jin clarifies that the facility does not promote violence but acts as an escape valve to reduce Stress in a city like Beijing where people are always under pressure.

Rules in Anger Room are flexible

Jin Meng says the rules are flexible. Those who want to use the Anger Room can bring their own items that they want to smash. It seems a woman came with all her wedding photos to smash them. Jin says, “We welcome people to bring their own stuff here to vent their anger. Because we also see it as a place to say goodbye to a stage in life.” She goes on to add that they do not invade the privacy of others but provide them with an option to release the negative energy.

The bottom line is to have a positive mindset and not succumb to defeatist tendencies.

She has established links with several second-hand stores in order to ensure that there is an uninterrupted supply of broken objects.

One of the managers observed that those who come to vent their anger love to smash TV sets the most. The Anger Room is presently located in the premises of a factory, but Jin wants to expand. She could be opening another branch in a shopping mall to widen the scope of operation.

Anger Room is not costly

According to Japan Times, the Anger Room in Beijing is not a costly affair. Three customers paid the equivalent of $23 for half an hour’s stay to smash a range of products like telephones, audio speakers, rice cookers and even a mannequin. Background music adds to the charm of the ritual. Those who indulge in this method of releasing pent-up anger have to wear protective gear for safety. Incidentally, this is not unique to China because there are similar options available in other countries, including America. The demands of today’s world take a heavy toll on everybody and it is difficult to avoid stress. People rely on therapy and gadgets to relieve stress. The concept in Beijing is an addition to the existing range of products.

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