Lawmakers in California deserve praise for their decision to introduce solar power on a mandatory basis in all new homes. It will come into effect in 2020 after the bill was passed unanimously and the result will be the introduction of more sustainable energy sources. This introduction of clean renewable energy on a compulsory basis is, undoubtedly, a historic move and will be a trendsetter for other states to follow. It is the culmination of a decade-old effort to induct solar power into the mainstream.

Daily Mail UK reports that there is opposition to the bill from certain quarters because its introduction will lead to an escalation in cost for the homeowners.

The solar panels, furnishings etcetera do not come cheap and will add to the financial burden of the owner. The authorities assured that it is possible to tackle such issues.

Positive action to reduce global warming

The decision taken by California is a positive action to counteract climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The willingness to change is praiseworthy because the focus should be to arrest global warming and preserve the environment. Solar power is a preferable alternative because it is clean energy, does not produce greenhouse gases and will ensure a strong economy in the long run.

However, there are apprehensions in the minds of people about the financing aspects.

The authorities have indicated that there will be suitable options available to them and they can expect to save money from the day they enter their new homes. Officials have assured that the overall lifespan of solar panels is 30 years and by that time, it will offset the utility bills and result in substantial savings to the families.

California emerges as the Sunshine State

According to Chicago Sun-Times, California has taken a major decision to promote solar power and all homes in the state in 2020 and later must be solar powered. It was a unanimous decision and is proof of California’s determination to embrace clean energy and push conventional fossil fuels into the background.

Of course, there is opposition and the Orange County Register has received some letters from persons who oppose the mandate. However, a rep from the solar-industry said that there would be net savings by switching over to the new concept. The most important part is that this decision is favorable from the point of view of climate change. The aim is to produce enough solar power that will, in due course of time, make power from other sources redundant.