theater 294 in Farmingdale is proud to announce its debut Festival of one-act plays which is scheduled to be held on Friday and Saturday, November 16 and 17 at 8 PM, and on Sunday, November 18 at 3 PM.

The festival will feature six short and original plays from local playwrights starring cast members who are based on or around Long Island and/or New York City. The plays that will be presented are all unique and most have a cleverly comedic edge. They are as follows.

Plays contained in Act 1

• “Rules of the Game” by Claude Solnik

Two Little League coaches get together after a game - where one won and the other, well, didn't.

This scene looks at winning, losing, friendship, fair play and what it means to play within and sometimes just outside... the rules of the game.

• “Doe is Me” by Jake C. Schneider

One night after a terrible accident, a New York commoner named Mike finds himself unwillingly immersed in a shrouded, mystic forest of… truth. To get back home, Mike must now follow the wisdom and guidance of the Deer King and his associates to correct the error of his ways. Doe Is Me is a short comedic play directed by Samuel Iadicicco and written by Jake Schneider.

It captures the essence of the human spirit through comedy and… wisdom. The play drives the confrontations we have in ourselves to an external, humorous manner and gives us new ways to think of the lives we’re given.

• The Witches and I” by Vincent Giarraputo

A lovely lunch date with three hideous witches.

Plays in Act 2

• “Letting Go” by Gloria Schramm

In this drama, when a father visits his new granddaughter he gets more than coffee when his daughter confronts him about a long-running conflict concerning his divorce from her mother and his subsequent remarriage to a woman who wants nothing to do with her.

• “The Virtues of Gold, Silver, and Bronze” by Meagan J. Meehan

Three statues constantly bicker over which is made out of the best material. However, when a burglar breaks into the posh mansion which they inhabit, the three statues must find reasons why the thief should take one of the other two instead.

• “Peas in the Fried Rice” by Larry Rinkel

Three co-workers go out for a delicious Chinese lunch at their favorite restaurant, same time, same place as always...except this time one wants to try something new.

However, one picky co-worker despises green food and refuses to go to any eatery that serves peas in fried rice. Hence, chaos breaks forth when the owner of their trusty Chinese restaurant decided to add peas to the fried rice!

Tickets are $20 and the theater can comfortably hold seventy people. This one-act play festival is intended to kickstart a twice-yearly such festival of short plays.

To purchase tickets, visit the official website Theater294oneactfestival.brownpapertickets(dot)com

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