While most mothers were celebrating Mothers Day’s having breakfast while smelling fresh flowers. a mother (identified as Celestia Maui) spent her Mother’s Day planning her son’s funeral and eulogy after he passed out while playing the "choking game" and never woke up. Most of the information from this post comes from an article by People.

What is the ‘choking game’ about?

According to Life Hacker, the "choking game," also known as the "fainting game" or "pass out game," is a dangerous practice that is popular among teens where they strangle themselves in order to achieve a brief high.

The high occurs when oxygen rushes back to the brain after being cut off due to the self-strangulation. The most important thing to note is that cutting off the brain's oxygen supply can be very deadly. Not only is accidental death a concern, but kids could also face brain damage, broken bones, and other severe injuries. The "choking game" is usually played as a dare and has become very popular at slumber parties. Kids take turns choking each other. The game, which goes by many different names, is not new, but in an age of teen challenges on social media, hospitals are warning parents about it once again.

This is because hundreds of families have endured the nightmare of losing a loved one as a result of the game.

In the US alone, 82 children between the ages of six and 19 died after playing the "choking game" between 1995 and 2007, the most recent year with data available, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What really happened?

According to Daily Mail Magazine, a 12-year-old identified as Tua Muai, was in sixth grade when he died.

His mother described him as being a child who loved football and he also had a zeal for adventure. Tua and his friends had been playing the "fainting game," Friday afternoon (May 11) at 1 PM PT in their home in South Jordan, when Tua Muai's mother Celestia found her son unconscious. She rushed to get help by calling 911 and the 12-year-old was rushed to the hospital, where he unfortunately died.

The boy’s mother has taken to social media to warn other parents about the tragic repercussions of the "fainting game" and that parents should pay close attention to the type of games their kids engage in. Celestia believes that though she lost her son, that making these warnings might be able to save someone else's child from suffering the consequences of playing the "choking game."