Barack Obama has been happily married to Michelle for more than two decades and he shared his thoughts about marriage with Dan Pfeiffer, a former staff of the White House. This has been revealed by Dan himself, who was the communication director of the White House during the tenure of Obama. He has written a book ‘Yes, We (Still) Can’ in which he shared a conversation on marriage that the two of them had on the last day of his job in 2015.

Independent UK reports that former president Obama gave him three useful tips to ensure a happy marriage. The reaction of the would-be partner to these three questions could help to judge her feelings and pave the way for a happy marriage.

The three questions of Barack Obama

In the course of the conversation on his last day in office, Dan Pfeiffer confided to Barack Obama that he was getting married. It was then that the former president came up with his advice. He said that anyone contemplating marriage must get satisfactory answers to three questions.

The first question is – is the would-be partner an "interesting person?" Marriage is a bond that binds two human beings for life and if they have an interest in each other, the bonding will be strong and lifelong. It is important to know about the feelings of the partner.

The next question is – can the would-be partner "make you laugh?" This is another aspect of life that must be given due importance.

Humor adds charm to living and one must have a sense of humor.

The third question is – will she make a "good mother." This is a tricky one and depends on mutual understanding.

When Dan Pfeiffer married, Barack Obama attended the wedding.

Barack Obama and Michelle have been married for 25 years

The Independent UK goes on to add that the Obamas, natives of Chicago, met at a local law firm in the 1980s.

They were “the only two black people” at the company, and got engaged in 1991. They tied the knot the next year, have been married for 25 years and are “still having fun”.

According to Well and Good, Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States and his wife Michelle have set their own standards in all walks of life. A newly released book ‘Yes, We (Still) Can’ by Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior advisor to Obama, reveals another side of the former President.

He shared with Dan his views on marriage. The gist is that married life has to endure many ups and downs and can be compared to a long duration marathon rather than a short sprint. Dan has spread this message via his book.