Disney started the River Country water park in 1976 in Orlando but it shut its doors in 2001. When it started, it was considered to be an innovative venture and boasted of being the first of its kind in the Walt Disney World. However, after it closed, the water was drained out of the park in 2016. Now there are plans to convert it into a hotel resort, the Orlando Sentinel reported. The project is being kept under wraps as Disney is believed to be pursuing the case with the authorities to get the necessary clearance.

Daily Mail UK reports that the architecture firm that has been handling activities has brought in Balfour Beatty to manage the construction.

They added, "Disney filed paperwork in March to undertake boring on either side of the land, possibly to see if it was suitable for building."

About Disney’s River Country

The abundance of water bodies in the River Country water park in Orlando imparted a feeling of a natural riverside ambiance which attracted the guests. They could participate in various water-related outdoor sports and the park used to be a big draw. In view of the growing popularity, Disney expanded its scope and added new attractions like the Typhoon Lagoon in 1989 and Blizzard Beach in 1995. However, in 2001, the park closed down.

Right now the area carries a neglected look with overgrown trees and shrubbery covering the once popular rides.

Disney is maintaining strict silence over the future of this destination. It's almost as if they would like to spring a surprise.

A Disney resort may be very welcome

Disney probably wants to give a new meaning to the concept of holiday resorts. It has zeroed in on remolding the River Country water park in Orlando into a lucrative venture that will keep pace with needs of the present.

It seems to almost be a crime to leave such a huge asset unutilized for so long.

According to Orlando Sentinel, construction is expected to begin on a large-scale themed hotel and "timeshare" resort at the location. Authorities in Disney are playing their cards close to their chest and are unwilling to part with information.

Possibly this is because of a tragedy at the park in the summer of 1980 when a young boy lost his life. He had arrived on vacation from New York and died when he came in contact with a rare brain-eating amoeba while swimming.

That affected attendance at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach that opened in 1989 and 1995 respectively. Later, in 2016, the pool was drained and is now waiting for something new to come up at the site, and that could very well be the holiday resorts reported by the Orlando Sentinal.

GrowthSpotter reported the story first and they wrote, '"At any given time we have numerous projects in varied stages of development across the (Walt Disney World) resort,' a spokeswoman said."