We all have our own reasons as to why we go to a Nail Salon instead of painting our nails ourselves. Every client that gets a manicure or pedicure goes to the nail salon to either relax or enjoy themselves. It’s also the perfect spot to chat with your girlfriends or even pamper yourself after having a long stressful day.

But who would’ve imagined going to the ER after getting their nails done? Nobody. But unfortunately, this rare case scenario happened to Maria Luisa Gerardo of Phoenix, Arizona.

Finger swelling

Gerardo went to TJ Nails and the worst thing that could happen, actually happened.

She requested a manicure, and a few minutes after she was in session, she received a small cut on her finger from her nail tech. Since she’s a regular customer of the nail, she thought it was minor.

24 excruciating hours later, Gerardo’s fingers started to swell. She went to the urgent care and received antibiotics, and then she returned to the salon to explain what happened. TJ Nails offered her $100 to buy medicine and reassured that everything would be fine.

“It’s nothing. Just clean your hand and buy your medicine and it will come off,” Gerardo reported what an employee told her. Sooner or later, the cut turned into a wound to where you can see her flesh and bone. She was admitted to the hospital, and they declared that there’s an infection which may lead to an amputation.

Gerardo gets put into surgery

Instead of amputating her finger, the surgeons cut off a lot of pieces of Gerardo’s skin. Eventually, they were able to save her finger. After the procedure, Gerardo mentioned how her unexpected experience at the nail salon caused her to gain a fear never to return back to a nail salon.

“That is the only thing I ever liked doing to myself, my nails.

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But now, with this that happened to my hand, I never want to do this in my life,” she said.

Gerardo’s family will be filing a lawsuit.


  1. Make sure your nail technician cleaned their instruments before using it on you, especially with the use of alcohol to sterilize the tools.
  2. If you suspect that your nail tech is using tools that were previously used, stop the manicure or pedicure as soon as possible. It’s better to feel safe than sorry.
  3. Every nail tech will assure you that they know what they’re doing, but if you ever feel like they’re being too rough on your nails, speak up and say something. This includes nail drilling, cutting your cuticles, and nail filing.