Plastic is a threat to the well-being of the Environment because it is non-biodegradable material. It litters the surroundings and poses a danger to birds, animals, fish and other marine creatures. The world today is burdened with the weight of throwaway plastic items like straws, cups, plates and carry bags. There is an urgent need to curb the use of these items. This is why Malibu has taken the unanimous decision to ban plastic cutlery and straws from June 1. This will compel businesses to introduce items made from alternate materials like paper, wood or bamboo.

Sky News reports that this action by the campaigners in Malibu will set a trend for others to follow, and result in the gradual elimination of the menace of plastic pollution.

The Malibu model

The city of Malibu in California is well-known for its long and scenic coastline. The decision to impose a ban on plastic items will have far-reaching and positive consequences on the environment because the city is a destination favored by the elite. The magnitude of the problem can be understood from the fact that hundreds of millions of plastic straws are produced every day in only the United States and these ultimately land up on the beaches or in landfills.

Malibu has taken a very positive stand against single-use plastics.

It has already banned a certain range of the same and will target many more. During coastal clean-up campaigns, it has been observed that plastic straws and cutlery fall into the category of most collected items. The ban on these items has not gone down well with a section of restaurant and cafe owners. They feel the quality of alternatives are inferior and cost more.

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However, in the larger interests of society, the critics will have to fall in line.

Incidentally, Manhattan Beach and Santa Cruz have banned disposable plastics and Seattle plans to impose a ban on plastic straws from July. As awareness spreads, plastic pollution is expected to gradually become a thing of the past and improve the quality of life.

Plastic litter in the oceans

The decision of Buckingham Palace to ban plastic straws in February could have influenced Malibu’s decision. Marine creatures face the ill-effects of plastic pollution, and Huffington Post has revealed that the plastic that ends up in the oceans are threats to species like sea turtles, dolphins and even great whales.

The world must realize that it is everybody’s responsibility to protect the environment and ensure that plastics are kept away from the oceans because they destroy the ecosystem.