While there are fun things to do, like Video Games and watching television, it is important to participate in exercise activities, like Reading for example. It is important to read so every individual can know what goes on in the stories, and what really goes on in the real world. Reading helps every individual increase their intelligence so they can do well in anything they want to do. If nobody can read, then nobody can do anything their heart desires to do. It keeps everyone’s mind active as they live their lives.

Importance of reading

Imagine losing a loved one due to cancer or a car accident.

It is not easy to combat depression after having a loved one pass away. Therefore, books or articles can help them deal with any tough times they are going through. Reading anything can help distract the readers from the situations they had gone through. It helps people feel better about themselves as they absorbed into the story they are getting into. If anybody reads, they will feel better than if they decide to consider suicide.

If anyone is lonely and does not have any friends, reading books or articles helps them feel better from the stories that interest them. If they want to maintain friendships, they can join Book Clubs. Joining book clubs not only helps people connect for friendships, but they also help lonely deal with loneliness.

It helps everyone deal with loneliness. Just doing nothing, thinking something will pop up will not help anyone get the friendships they desire to have.

According to BT, it is easy to prepare for sleep. Whether in the daytime or evening can help people sleep better. Reading helps every reader feel mentally tired, that then leads to several hours of sleep.

Instead of watching any television, read a good book. Doing anything relating to television or video games can make it harder to get a good night sleep.

Every child needs to take the time. Books or articles, they need to read to keep their minds active. It will not only increase their intelligence as they grow up to be adults, but it also increases their vocabulary for the future.

Reading will also their comprehension, especially on their worksheets they receive from teachers in school. If a child does not read, they will fail in school, and they will not be able to go to college as they get older.

It is important to do in life because it keeps comprehension and vocabulary skills active. Imagine being a doctor or a surgeon, and you have all the instructions on a piece of paper to save a person’s while performing open heart surgery. Being a doctor can be severely hard while understanding every direction on the list to save someone, but at the end of the procedure from learning everything off the list, it is worth it.

Even it is hard and time-consuming, it is worth learning the directions because hard work pays off.

For example, according to WWL news, if anyone is testing for blood pressure, accurate reading is important. Contemplating on the results that is accurate as possible is important to the patient can know for sure.

It is Good for you

Reading books does not only have to be a requirement for school but is also a fun activity. Reading anything leads to learning anything they anyone may have never known before. If anyone wants to succeed in life, it is best to read.