By Christmas Eve, most meaningful, high-quality gifts have sold out in local retail stores, and you might think you are out of luck right? Well, that's not always true, in the past few years, eCommerce and virtual gifts have been emerging and slowly becoming more and more popular as new people discover them. You don't need to leave your living room, and in general, most stuff online has good value for your buck. So, I have gathered a list of two gift ideas that you can buy from the safety of your living room and retrieve in time for Christmas day.

Video Games

A video game is a great present idea for many reasons. Firstly, this gift is Perfect for nearly anyone who has any gaming platform. In the current generation of children and teens, almost every kid plays Video Games at some point, whether it is on their PlayStation, Xbox, Computer or even their mobile phone. If you know anybody who likes gaming, you're in luck, because gifting video games has never been so simple.

In the past few years, buying games online has never been easier. A decade ago, most people still played video games on a disc, but those days are over. Now, almost all games are available in the forms of a key (a series of characters that can be inputted into your game console/platform and be redeemed into a game) or a giftable digital version (typically a link, that can be e-mailed, and upon being clicked, add a game to your console/platform or gaming account).

If you make a quick web search, you can find hundreds of sites that provide the service of selling the keys, or digital gifts, and best of all, they go for low prices.

If you don't want to gift games in keys or digital gifts, you can also purchase and give out digital gift cards for gaming platforms including Play Store, Google Play, Steam, and PSN.


In the new era, CDs and cassettes have become near completely obsolete, and most music was transferred to streaming services for digital selling on online platforms. Despite how it may sadden you to know good old CDs have died off, it may be to your advantage this holiday season.

Nearly everybody listens to music. If you manage to figure what the type of music they enjoy, you are set for getting them a hearty and special present for the Christmas season.

If you want to buy them specific albums or singles from an artist, you can use platforms like iTunes or Google Play Music to send them a virtual copy of the audio files. Once they accept the gift into their account, they can download the music, and start listening!

If you don’t want to buy them a specific album or song selection, your next best shot is buying them music streaming service subscriptions. This is probably one of the most popular ways people listen to music now, and best of all, streaming services like Spotify and Deezer allow you to download your music, and listen to it offline for as long as your subscriptions last.