A recent study was done in Sweden in which millions of Dog owners were involved. It showed positive results in the reduction of Cardiovascular Diseases and deaths of the owners. Explanations from the study indicated that citizens who owned dogs and lived alone had reduced chances of developing the disease.This study was published in a Scientific journal of the country. Dogs provided a protective factor which in the long run reduced chances of developing heart diseases.

The research population was huge

The research involved more than three million individuals of the whole population and took approximately ten years.

Several different data sources were linked by researchers. The primary sources of data were dog registers. The individuals who participated in the study had no history of cardiovascular diseases according to records. After more than Ten Years of the study, the researchers were able to make a conclusion that dogs had a positive effect in reducing the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. This study, in particular, had a significant benefit for individuals with no children or spouse. The results of the study illustrated that dog owners had reduced percentage of death from cardiovascular diseases, Forbes reported.

Intriguingly, the breed of a dog kept had an impact on the study. The hunting dog breeds had the most positive impact on its owner's health.

The relationship between dog ownership and death was studied at the beginning of the study. It was certain that during the time the owners were walking their dogs, they were most likely to engage in physical activities such as running. This was seen as what contributed to the better health of dog owners. Physical fitness is what led to a reduction in chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.

It's obvious that people who had no dogs in their home were involved in less physical activities and hence the high number of them getting heart ailments.

Major killer in States

Reports by American research Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point at cardiovascular diseases as a major contributor to citizen deaths. More than half a million Americans succumb to cardiovascular ailments according to the research center.

Americans who are not engaged in physical activities, are obese, diabetic, smokers and those who abuse alcohol are some at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Some of the symptoms of the disease include; shortness of breath, palpitations, a faster heartbeat, weakness or dizziness, nausea and sweating among others.