Black Friday isn't what it once was. Unless you're in the market for a big screen TV, the deals aren't that shocking. Many of the sales also start several days before and go on for, at least, the entire weekend. Black Friday does still likely put stores in the black, as it's meant to, but it's really more a slow trickle than a quick, hard hit on the Friday of a busy shopping weekend. Cyber Monday is touted as the online version of Black Friday, but luckily for those of us who don't want to fight through crowds and stand in lines, most deals were available online.

Now, let's review the winners and the losers

1. Indigo/Chapters

Indigo Chapters did pretty good for sales on Friday. Monday seems to have a few better deals than the Friday had, but overall they've got stocking stuffers for 40% off and a lot of good knick-knacks and easy, small gifts. Realistically, Indigo always has a pretty good selection in their online "Sale" section, so that's a good spot to check if you're looking for deals on an average day.

2. La Senza

The trick with La Senza is that if you left your house and went to the store, it was all 40% off, whereas online it was all 50% off. At the beginning of the week La Senza featured a "pre-black Friday" sale, and luckily, those of us clever enough to wait until the actual Friday were rewarded.

Most things were cheaper from Friday through the weekend. They're also featuring free shipping, which is key when it comes to actually getting deals online.

3. J Crew

J Crew has so many great pieces that are timeless, and, while they're not dirt cheap by any means, most of their stuff is good quality and will last a while. If you were eyeing a nice winter coat, they've got lots of beautiful options.

Friday they had 40% which was pretty good. For Cyber Monday they have 40% plus another 10% with a discount code, so if you're an online shoppers, Monday was the best day. They also have free shipping for Cyber Monday, which is always a win.

4. Nordstrom

Not overly impressed. Cyber Monday features an extra 20% off on some sale items. "Sales" with stipulations aren't that great, if you have to think about it or can only pick certain items that count for the sale, no thanks.

5. Urban Outfitters

Throughout the week they featured a buy one get one 50% off sale, which was alright but not overly exciting. You still had to pay for shipping, so going in the store would've been your best bet. Urban Outfitters has great lounge and sleepwear, perfect for the winter months. For Cyber Monday they've got $50 off purchases of $150, so not that exciting unless there is something you're eyeing.

Happy shopping!

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