Most fitness plans for ladies are based on running and yoga. In some cases, yoga and running do not deliver the desired result. Perhaps you've contemplated Lifting Weights or maybe you've even done some barbell curls, but each time you hit the iron, you feel uncertain, shaky, and somewhat frightful.

For sure, discouraging stories have been said: lifting weights makes ladies massive, it's risky, it's bad for ladies' joints, and once you have muscle, you can't quit lifting, or it will all turn to fat.

All of these are just lies that keep women away from experiencing the benefits of weightlifting. It's a perfect time for women to put that fear and vulnerability aside and focus. The truth of the matter is that lifting weights does none of those terrible things. What it does, is help you live a healthy life and have a stronger and fit body. Here are reasons why weights rule the fitness contest!

Burn both calories and fat

The critical thing about weightlifting is the afterburn effect. This refers to abundance post-practice oxygen utilization (EPOC).

When doing cardio only, you tend to burn fat only, and no muscle development occurs; but the moment the cardio session closes, the fat burning metabolism stops. However, by lift weighting, you're consuming fat and calories, as well. So, by lifting weights you form more muscle, and at the same time improve your metabolism and transform your body into a more efficient fat-consuming machine.

Healthier heart

It may appear outlandish that weight lifting can help lower Blood Pressure. However, Irv Rubenstein, an exercise physiologist says, “Blood is pushed to the heart better, as the muscles contract”. Further research has shown that weight lifting can be an effective approach to maintaining a normal blood pressure in the long run. As your muscles contract, your blood circulation is enhanced hence, a healthier heart.

The heart then recirculates oxygenated blood back to the muscle, in turn, keeping you healthier than ever.

Maintain bone density

As a result of decreasing levels of estrogen, postmenopausal ladies are prone to osteoporosis. A report by National Osteoporosis Foundation indicates that in 100 people affected by osteoporosis, 80 are women. Fortunately, researchers revealed a positive connection between weightlifting and bone development. When the bone experiences stress from the muscle, bone development is invigorated.

Mood elevation

Ladies are more likely to develop depression than men, yet very few of them try ways of combating this condition.

The production of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine during weight lifting chemically help an individual achieve a state of well-being. An Australian study has shown that women who practiced weightlifting, had an 18 percent drop of depression after 10 weeks.

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