The Trump administration has introduced new security measures to ensure proper vetting of passengers who are flying to the United States from any Airport in the world. They would have to go through additional screening at the airport of departure before they board the flight.

Lisa Farbstein, a spokeswoman for the US Transportation Security Administration, has revealed that the measures would be applicable to more than 2000 flights that arrive in the US every day.

In view of this new requirement, passengers have been advised to take into account the additional time that would be necessary to complete the formalities, and arrive at the airport accordingly.

These would be applicable to Americans also

Sky News reports that the extra checks are a part of beefing up of security at airports and enforce suitable controls on the movement of refugees and immigrants who want to enter the United States. The spokesperson Ms. Farbstein has clarified that the new security measures could be in various forms like the enhanced screening of the passengers and electronic equipment.

These checks would be applicable to US citizens as well as foreigners. The intention is to have a foolproof security setup around planes and in airport terminals. Incidentally, there is already a travel ban that exists for travelers from some specific countries. Its scope was expanded to cover citizens from three other countries: North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad.

These are meant to ensure the safety of Americans, in keeping with President Donald Trump’s policy of making America safe again.

The screening procedures

There is no specific procedure laid down by the United States, and airports have the freedom to devise their own methods. They have to ensure that only authenticated passengers are allowed to board the flight.

Britain has assured full cooperation and has confirmed that flights of British Airways will continue to operate as normal because they attach importance to the safety and security of their customers.

Other international airlines have agreed to follow the guidelines, and introduce tougher security measures at the departure desks to prevent any terrorist attack in the air because terrorism is a global issue.

In the absence of any specific procedure, airlines are free to choose their methods. Air France plans to issue a questionnaire which passengers will have to fill out, Cathay Pacific will hold a security interview at check-in point or at the airport gates, while EgyptAir proposes to intensify searching of passengers and their luggage. The bottom line is to guarantee the safety of the flight along with its passengers and crew.