A diet that involves eating just 1,200 Calories a day is a challenge that people the world use in search of the perfect body. Nutritionists talk about the consequences of this type of diet and reveal whether the body can survive with just 1,200 calories per day. Nutritionist Ursula Philpot, the spokeswoman for the British Diet Association, warns of the bad effects of such access to nutrition.

Who can withstand this?

Even though 1200 calories a day is the minimum amount of calories on which an average person can survive, this does not mean that access is healthy, states Ursula Philpot from the Independent.

An older person who is not active or obese may possibly be able to eat 1200 calories a day. However, it is very difficult to achieve the right nutrition amount with such a strict regiment, unless the person carefully plans each meal.

For a diet that employs only 1200 calories a day, the body needs to ''adjust." According to the Independent, Ursula Philpot states that we cannot live this way. If a person is active and young, he or she will lose pounds over time, but the body will need metabolic adjustments. Both hands and feet will often be cold and hunger will be felt all the time. That will lead to anxiety and conditions worsen.

She warns that such a diet can temporarily affect fertility. That is why she explains that the recommended number of calories should be viewed as the starting point for selecting a healthy diet.

It would be as if saying we were saying all men have to wear the same shoe size. There are people who can live on 1200 calories, while others need 2400 or more. Everything depends on how the person feels. If he is exhausted, tired, cold, if he is preoccupied with eating food, if he feels dizzy, it means that he needs more calories.

Age, genetics, activity

Also, food that everyone should eat individually is different from person to person. Active people need to eat more carbohydrates, while some who are obese may lose weight if they eat fewer carbohydrates, but more protein. Therefore, how much one person should eat depend on a variety of factors including years, genetics, and activity levels.

If a diet succeeds in one person, it does not mean that it is the thing everyone should adhere to.

Conclusion of this expert: Listen to your body. Most people who look slimmer and healthier actually do not live on 1,200 calories. They don’t reduce their carbohydrate intake nor make green shakes.