We all know how important it is to have healthy Teeth. There are many who suffer from the effects of poor oral hygiene, from gum disease and toothache to mouth cancer and tooth loss. The following few recommendations will help you to contribute to the health of your teeth by accepting them.

1.Take teeth brushing seriously

Brush your teeth for at least two minutes every morning and evening. Use a soft brush, replacing it with a new one every three months. After lunch, and when you are not able to wash your teeth, rinse them well with water or chew a sugarless gum.

If you want to improve your children's habit of washing their teeth, make small events that they will be looking forward to. You can get some interesting brushes and pastes of various colors and flavors.

2. Use dental floss

Flossing removes plaque and other debris that brushing alone does not reach. Use dental floss (aka tooth floss) on a daily basis. The best time for this is before going to bed. Take care to clear the area around all teeth, ensuring that you do not hurt your gums. Using dental floss should not be a painful experience. If you don't know how to properly floss your teeth, don't worry, here is a quick tutorial:

Take an arm's length of dental floss and wrap it around your index fingers, leaving about six to eight inches of the floss unwrapped.

Gently move the floss around the tooth in all directions and be sure to clear the gumline too. Don't force the floss too much as it can lead to injuries.

3. Let the dentist be your friend

Schedule regular visits to the dentist at least twice a year to thoroughly clean your teeth or for other interventions that you may need. As soon as children are three years old, they should visit the dentist regularly.

Some interventions might be expensive but remember, a nice healthy smile is priceless.

4. Eat healthy

Balanced diet is also very important for your teeth. You better avoid sweets and sweetened drinks during the day. The plaque, which is basically a bacterial layer, is continuously formed on the teeth. Sweets and condensed juices cause these bacteria to produce acids that attack teeth, which leads to tooth decay.

Therefore, after enjoying sweets, immediately brush your teeth.

5. Fluorine - best cavity fighter

Make sure that the toothpaste you are buying contains fluorine. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources, including the oceans. Fluoride not only reduces cavities in children and adults, but it also helps repair the early stages of tooth decay, even before the decay is visible. Fluoride is the best cavity fighter to help keep the whole family's teeth strong.