While it seems like we hear varying opinions about which foods are good for health and which foods are harmful to the brain and body on a daily basis, several foods are known to improve the development of memory and memory recall. The brain is a complex organ that deserves our attention, and several of these food items will increase its overall functioning process.

1. Fish

Fish, specifically fish that contain fats, like salmon, are extremely important for Brain Development and memory because they contain omega 3 fatty acids, which ultimately help us to learn and then remember the information that we've learned.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Now that it's fall and the season of pumpkins is upon us, it's a win-win situation. Not only do you get to enjoy the fun activities associated with pumpkins, you but you also get to reap its health benefits as well. Because pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, which is a central part of our Learning And Memory processes, they help reduce the risks of several diseases, like depression, and other health problems, such as migraines.

3. Coffee

Coffee is often the butt of several jokes, and its health benefits and risks are regularly debated, but it has immense impact on the part of our brain that is dedicated to memory. Because it is loaded with caffeine, it enables us to be more alert and thus absorb more information from our surroundings.

Coffee has also been shown to sharpen our focus and our concentration abilities, since it makes us feel so awake.

4. Rosemary

This particular herb has the power to enhance memory as a result of only its scent. Rosemary serves many other purposes as well, including the reduction of aged-looking skin and its capability of fighting off cancerous cells within the human body.

5. Dark Chocolate

The benefits of this tasty snack have been known for quite a while, especially in comparison to milk chocolate. Dark Chocolate contains flavonoids, which cluster in the areas in our brain that are responsible for learning and memory. Additionally, it is also believed to result in positive morale and an overall better mood.

6. Oranges

Many of us are aware that oranges contain Vitamin C, a nutrient that positively impacts several areas of the brain, which specifically pertain to cognitive function and memory. It has been known to decrease the chances of several memory-related diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

7. Whole Grains

Similarly to fish, whole grains also contain omega 3 fatty acids, which are critical for brain function. Most importantly, they enable blood to flow more freely throughout the nervous system and aid us in our learning development and recollection.