With each new Generation comes a new set of ideals, beliefs, perspectives, and judgments about the world, and now we are in the age of Generation Z. This generation is distinct from prior generations like millennials, Generation Y, and baby boomers for a number of reasons, and here are a few of the beliefs that Generation Z hold.

They are are better multi-taskers

Because of the nature of the world we live in today, members of Generation Z have the ability to do several activities at one time, whether that be watching TV while Facetiming a friend or listening to music while reading.

They are self-starters

It isn't unheard of for teenagers or college students to own and run their own businesses, and some high school students are even beginning to enroll in college earlier and earlier. Additionally, some teens are choosing to go into the workforce and take online classes simultaneously to save some money and get a head start on their careers.

They have high expectations

Because members of this generation are programmed to receive answers instantaneously, they believe that something is inherently wrong if a process isn't fast. These high expectations transfer to other aspects of their lives as well, including education, relationships, and entertainment, just to name a few.

They are realistic

Gen Z'ers are prepared to work hard for their achievements and adamantly believe that nothing in life is handed to them. Because of the fact that they grew up in during the recession, members of this generation are much more likely to see things as they are. They aren't as optimistic about the future, however, as previous generations have been.

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They are independent and individualistic

This generation is highly independent and is extremely concerned with the individual rather than the collective. This is in part because of their realism; in order to reach their goals, they must do it themselves and not depend on the aid of anyone else.

They are private

Despite what the general public may think of their use of technology and social media, Generation Z'ers are rather private individuals.

They would rather keep personal information to themselves and only share that information with close friends and family rather than announce it to the world.

They are global citizens

As a result of their consistent access to everyone everywhere online, members of this generation have a lot in common with others from across the globe. They interact with people from different backgrounds much more smoothly and fluently than any previous generation.