You may not have the finances, or the time, to go to a Spa appointment but there are ways to create your own at home spa Experience using items and ingredients from your kitchen and other areas of your home. Pamper yourself from head to toe with these Do-it-Yourself at home spa day tips.

Transform your bathroom space

If your mind is free from stress daily you will be able to function better. One way to create a stress free mind is to invest in an excellent shower system that incorporates massage therapy. This is a great way to start and end your day. You can also change your tiles to pebbled floor tiles so when you walk into your bathroom you feel as though you are in a different place.

Also choose warm colors, like beige or choose white so that the space seems peaceful. Add a pop of color by placing flowers on your bathroom counter. This will also soothe your senses.

Create the environment

What’s a spa day without the ambiance? Before you begin please ensure you have your favorite sounds or songs playing softly in the background. Dust off that oil diffuser you bought long ago and drop some lavender oil into it. The music and the oil’s scent will be sure to relax you and put you in the mood.

Get the sugar ready

Too much sugar may be bad for your intestines but it can be oh so glorious for your skin. Sugar is an essential ingredient in this particular at home spa day experience.

Grab a small bowl and mix some sugar (preferably cane sugar) with an oil of your choice. You may desire coconut oil for intense moisture or almond oil or jojoba oil for moisture but will a less oily feel. This is going to come in handy when you decide to exfoliate all over your body. Sugar will gently exfoliate your skin without scratching or being too harsh.

The oil will leave the necessary moisture. You might be surprised that you may not need to apply any lotion afterward as your skin will be buttery smooth, supple and soft.

Take the remaining sugar (if there is any left from that luxurious experience) and apply a little of the mixture to your lips and scrub gently!

Our lips get dry and peel due to the air and also the type of lip gloss or lipstick we use. So this gentle exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells and the dryness. Apply a lip balm or some shea or cocoa butter on to your lips afterward to lock in the moisture.

Delicious detox

A spa day should include a gentle internal cleansing. That lemon you left over from yesterday can be sliced and a squeeze of its juice can be dropped in a full glass of water. Add a teaspoon of some apple cider vinegar and some honey or molasses to sweeten the mixture. You can also slice some cucumbers and let them float in a pitcher of water and you can drink your cucumber water and cleanse within.

Soak your feet

You have been having long days and longer nights and your feet have been taking the brunt of the beating.

It is time to soak them and give your entire body an ease. It is scientifically proven that the nerves in your feet are connected to different parts of your body. So, by relaxing your feet you can relax your mind and other areas. Go get that large bowl or tub if you don’t have a spa pedicure machine and fill it with warm water. Add some Epsom salts, some essential oils and sit back and feel the tension roll away. Remember the sugar scrub you made for this experience? If you have any leftover, take it and scrub your heels for that extra pampering.

There are different items that you can use at home to pamper yourself so open up your cupboards and search your countertops to create a more relaxed you.

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