Cats are furry, mysterious, adorable, and sometimes funny creatures that often get taken for granted. They are so independent that sometimes people forget that they do catch diseases. People often think that cats are invincible and as the saying goes, have nine lives. However, contrary to popular belief, cats can acquire disease and can also die from it. As a cat owner, you are probably curious as to why your cat needs to get Shots from the veterinarian and here are the basic answers.

Why does your cat need vaccination shots?

For the same reason, as you have your dogs vaccinated against various diseases like rabies, your cats are also animals that are susceptible to stress and disease. Vaccinations will not guarantee that your animals won't catch a disease with a 100% success rate but it can lower the risk of your cat acquiring it. The kind and type of vaccines vary from one veterinary establishment to another because protocols are made and followed based on the diseases present around your vicinity.

A simple analogy is that there are diseases present in the United States that cannot be found in Asia and vice versa. As a result, there is no need to vaccinate your cat against every disease possible. Vaccinating them even without the risk of even contracting that specific disease is just illogical and impractical. So there are core vaccines that your veterinarian will recommend you to get and it is the fruit of statistical and epidemiological studies that allow them to suggest these vaccines.

Are vaccinations a good investment?

There is an old saying that states that prevention is better than cure. It surely is the case when it comes to getting your animals vaccinated. Often, owners forego having their animals vaccinated because they think it is unnecessary, costly, and takes time. However, when their pets actually catch a disease, they don't realize that it is so much more costly and time-consuming.

Aside from the fact that the animal will suffer from the disease, your cat included, it is harder to revert the damages that the disease may have caused. You also risk losing your beloved cat or pet if things get worse. Most of the time in terminal cases and diseases, you spend 2-5 times more having your cat treated as compared to having it vaccinated against a disease. Which means that vaccinations are a worthwhile investment on your part if you actually care for the wellbeing of your animal.

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