It was recently reported that cats were getting involved in yoga classes, including the popular “Yoga with Cats” at a Kettering, Ohio animal shelter. Some people now believe animal participation in the workout sessions is getting out of hand, as goats now join the fray.

Yoga with goats on a farm

While it is reportedly happening in various locations in the U.S., the Feels Like Home Farm in Kirtland, Ohio is one prime location for goat yoga. Samantha Martin, a yoga instructor at the farm, was heard to tell everyone at a recent session to adopt the “downward goat” pose.

To quote the farm’s website, instead of “Namaste,” the new buzzword is “Baaaaa-maste.” They also play on the farm's name with the catch phrase "Feels like Om."

As can be seen in the video footage, many attending the yoga class appear to ignore the goats, who are staring at the crazy humans, probably wondering what on earth they were seeing. However some merely enjoyed their participation, grabbing their phones to capture the moment or giving the animals a hug.

According to a report by, Soza Fitness and Wellness and other studios are teaming up with farms in the area to hold the animal yoga events. The studio has been involved with various other animal sessions, including “puppies and pilates” and “yoga with cats.”

Method in the animal yoga 'madness'

However, as in the Ohio story previously mentioned, it’s not just about adding cute animals to attract people to yoga classes.

In many cases, the animals themselves are looking for a forever home and are up for adoption – what better way to get those cute furry faces up and out there than in a yoga session? It was only recently suggested by someone that goats would be a good option, and reportedly the next goat event is already sold out. There is, however, another “puppies and pilates” scheduled in the near future.

Animals help to relieve stress during yoga

DK Jones, the owner of Soza Fitness and Wellness, said animals are perfect for yoga classes, as they can both help people with their stress and also keep them more active. Jones added that the idea was a “natural fit,” perfect for mental and physical health. Soza’s staff was also more than happy to get involved as most of them own animals, while some are volunteers at animal shelters.

Jones said animals are great for any novice that finds the idea of yoga a little intimidating, as it’s hard to be intimidated when a playful goat is hanging around you as you attempt the next pose. Jones added that the sessions are all about letting go and having fun, adding that goats tend to act a lot like dogs. It can sometimes end with half of the class actually performing the yoga poses, while the rest are busy feeding baby goats.