When you think of Dubai, the last that comes to mind is quirky and affordable. But that’s exactly how you could describe the Dubai-based makeup line, Luscious Cosmetics. And while you’re at it, you can also add Vegan and cruelty-free to the list. And starting this August, Luscious Cosmetics will be available to U.S. shoppers.

Founder, Mehrbano Sethi, began mixing makeup before college midterms

When founder and entrepreneur, Mehrbano Sethi, was an undergraduate student in Boston, Massachusetts, makeup was her zen. To destress before midterms, she mixed makeup shades together, or as she puts it, she “reverse-engineered lipsticks and foundation shades.”

Sethi even created customized blends that better suited the skin tones of her classmates.

When it came time to start her own business, it seemed only natural to focus on makeup, and in 2007, Luscious Cosmetics began.

Sethi’s makeup line still includes bold shades to suit a variety of skin tones, and girls everywhere seem to like it. As an independent beauty brand, they’ve slowly made their mark around the globe. And now, Luscious Cosmetics is finally arriving in the US – where it all began. And where many American women will no doubt celebrate the arrival of her all-vegan and cruelty-free products.

Luscious Cosmetics has an international feel and appeal

This middle-eastern entrepreneur is proud of her multicultural and international approach to beauty. For one thing, her development team works across three continents, and they continually strive to create a brand that evokes South Asia and Hollywood.

Affordable Lusciousness

Even though Sethi’s company is busy competing with better-known brands, her products have always remained affordable to the average consumer. Most items cost an average of $20. And that can be off-putting to consumers, who usually raise a wary eyebrow at such low prices for fear of purchasing cheap cosmetics.

But this beauty brand is different.

Sethi explains that she offers “user-friendly products that give serious results”. What’s more, they’re “built to look fabulous but tested to withstand extreme humidity and heat.” Luscious, sexy glamour shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and with this Dubai-based company, it doesn’t.

A vegan makeup brand with staying power

Take, for example, the “Angel Eyes Primer” – the only primer they’ve ever created because the original formula is such high-quality.

Similarly, her Super Moisturizing Lipsticks were the first products she ever created, and they’re still a hit, with brave colors like mauve-meets-purple, orange splashing with red, and soft nude peach.

This brand might be new to the US, but conscientious shoppers and vegans can feel confident when trying out Luscious Cosmetics. Not only will they join a worldwide fan base, but they’ll also wear makeup that aligns with important values.

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