It's summertime! Time to bring out your shorts, crop tops, tank tops, Summer dresses and those cute summer shoes you brought in the January because they were fifty percent off.

Here are what some fashion critics are saying about the new trends for Summer 2017.

Summer 2017 takes fashion back to the drawing board, re-defining a confident look with exaggerated lines, metallic effects, graphic prints on new-generation trenches and bright candy pink and sunshine yellow.

With color and light as watchwords for the season “ claims Vogue writer, Jennifer Neyt et Eugénie.

You might be asking what specific clothing items are in right now. Fashion writer, Lauren Alexis Harpers, from Harpers Bazar suggest "The bra top is back in full force this season after popping up on countless spring runways. A coordinating bra and high-waisted skirt set make for the perfect outfit for all your summer fêtes.”

Another tip Harper gives is to “go for a lighter material lace-up corset to style over a sundress or oversized t-shirt.”

Najarian another fashion critic from the magazine Fashionistas, suggest that “[t]he summer 2017 fashion trends are fun and speak of comfort along with an individualistic nature that we have thoroughly fallen in love with.

The newer trends are also quite spectacular and worth buying into, particularly since many appear on the shelves early due to the designers’ “see now, buy now” mentality.”

Here are some tips and tricks that I will be using for my summer wardrobe.

1. Don't be afraid to go bold. I plan to wear bright colors and use patterns in order to stand out in the crowd.

2. Wear something you won't usually wear. The summer is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

3. Never wears jeans. Jeans feel so uncomfortable and make my legs sweat in the heat. I never wear them in the summer; I prefer to wear comfortable and loose fitting pants.

4. Wear the most colorful and ambitious shoes you own.

Do not hold back this summer this even means shoes. Shoes can make or break your outfit, do why not wear the best ones you got!

5. Don't let what people say to determine what you want to wear. In summer 2017, you should wear whatever you want.

Don't be afraid to stand out this summer, wear items that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Summer is all about being bold and taking a risk. Don't be afraid to take a risk when it comes to fashion.

Happy Summer shopping!