New data from the Pew Research Center recently showed that the millennials are the generation that is least inclined with going to church.

“Millennials are losing their faith and replacing it with pizza, push ups and profound digital connections,” Lauren Steussy wrote.

According to the report that was published in New York Post, only around 27 to 28 percent of people aged 20s to early 30s attend church for religious worship on a regular basis. The report published the Pew Research data that stated 38 percent of the baby boom generation and over half of the older generations are the ones inclined to attend church services more frequently than the millennials.

“Instead, the millennials are getting their spiritual fix from secular activities such as fitness programs, and Facebook groups,” Steussy added in the report.

These social media-based groups are online forums that mimic real-life communities by creating a sense of belonging, sharing inspiring messages, and clips of uplifting songs.

Skeptical of religion

The report quoted New York University professor of sociology Mike Hout saying that millennials are “skeptical of authority” such as religious groups, faith-based activities and worship. Sacred spaces for worship are reportedly being replaced by restaurants, fitness centers and Facebook.

“They were raised to think for themselves,” the professor said.

Instead of waking up every Sunday to attend church, the article pointed out that millennials are starting their early fix going out for a fitness or meditation class. Later in the day, the Younger Generation reportedly heads over to their favorite restaurants for pizza, coffee, frappe and more others.

Facebook over religion

Earlier this year, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated that social media has filled in the void that organized religion allegedly fails to provide.

Through social media, people now have a sense of support and existence.

The New York Post report narrated the story of 27-year-old Courtney Ferrucci, who reportedly grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness community that regularly convenes to hold worship services. Ferrucci, a Facebook user, expressed how social networking sites have also served the same purpose that her religion provides her.

“What makes our generation amazing is that we form relationships in a very powerful way,” Ferrucci said.

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