Former Miss United Kingdom Zoiey Smale gave up her title after pageant organizers allegedly told her to lose some weight. She would have represented her country and competed in an international pageant, if not because of these comments, Refinery29 reported.

The 28-year-old title holder won the Miss United Kingdom pageant last June and was supposed to represent the country at the Miss United Continents pageant to be held in Ecuador. Things turned out well until she allegedly received comments about her weight from the organizers in the Latin American nation.

They told her to “lost as much weight as possible,” to win the pageant, Daily Mail also reported.

Smale recently posted on Facebook, saying that she has had enough of international organizers of pageants telling her to Lose Weight. She said she has grown tired of these directors telling aspiring young women that the only way to success is to have a thinner figure.

“It surprises me more than anything else that there are still beauty contests that exist viewing small-size women as the role models. Pageant women are more than just a clothing size. The real beauty queens should empower one another, and are smart enough to help build communities,” she wrote.

Go on a diet plan

According to her Facebook post, Smale was allegedly told to enroll in a diet plan specifically arranged for an international competition.

After these comments, she said that was the moment she decided to relinquish her title.

“Some may think this is a coward move, but I do not it is right to compete in a pageant with an ethos that I do not adhere with. I am handing my crown back to a new titleholder, and I wish her good luck,” she added in the post.

The British beauty queen also narrated how she became witness to the pageant directors allegedly pushing young girls into believing that the competition is all about thin figures.

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She has been in the industry for around ten years now, and she claimed that there are pageants that insist on this kind of body figure.

Their loss

As her post went on, she made more revelations about what allegedly happens inside a pageant. She shared that there are beauty contests that make girls parade around wearing a bikini, and “sit at the arm of men over dinner, while pushing olives around the plate.”

Smale stated that she is never changing her body figure. She wrote, “My body has been part of a career that I am very proud of. If they do not want to use my skills because of my size, then it will not be my loss.”