We all dreamed of one day owning that a sporty, red convertible as a Child. As we grew older, we realized the practicality of this dream did not measure up to our everyday routines. From that hard to install Car seat, the booster seats, the seat belts that are a must have for transporting your children to their different activities, this dream slowly dies as we give way to reality and drift toward the more conventional sedan, hatchback or mini-van.


We see ourselves car shopping for the one that best suits your family’s needs and the most comfortable as other than our houses this is where we would spend the most time.

This is the medium we would use to get our children to school, play dates and other activities. So why not ensure that the one we choose would be the right one for the job and also the most reliable.


Using them to anchor your baby’s car seat is one thing but what about when the baby grows older. It is important for even older children to strap themselves in. Seatbelts save lives might sound cliché, but it is the truth, it saves approximately 13,000 lives each year. Ensure that your car is serviced regularly and have them run constant checks on your seatbelts, making sure your precious cargo will always be safe while driving with you.


Children should not be placed in the front seat of a vehicle. However, if you must, ensure that the child is safely secured either in a rearward facing car seat, a booster seat or securely restrained with a seat belt when the child’s legs can bend over the edge of the seat and the lap restraint is resting comfortably and securely over their upper thigh.


You can play simple car games with children while in the vehicle.

These games should not, however, distract you from driving or hamper you from operating the vehicle as you are the first source of safety in the vehicle. Your activities should also not excite the child too much causing them to move about in the vehicle or have them wanting to stick their heads or hands through the window.


NEVER leave your child unattended in a vehicle. It is advised that when exiting your vehicle, you carry your child with you.

Cars can be unpredictable, the braking system can fail, the air conditioning can go bad, you never know what can happen. Even external forces like car thieves can cause a lifetime of regret. So, be sure to take your child with you.

Different cars are coming equipped with the mechanics for the top of the line car safety for children, but the primary source of car safety is you. Ensure routine servicing of your vehicle and practice safe car etiquettes with your young one and remember to buckle up it’s the law.

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