Household Plants have been decorating homes for years. You can probably remember your mother or grandmother watering each plant daily without fail. Ever thought these plants were kept for more than mere decoration? Plants can have healthy attributes besides consumption. There are plants that have high medicinal value or even cleansing properties. Going green is beneficial to both you and the environment we live in, so why not try using plants to give you that refreshing air that you long for?

Snake plant

Your grandmother probably had this plant in the corner of a room somewhere, and you thought it was the plant that she forgot. Well actually, it is quite the opposite. This plant needs very little sunlight or water to survive. So having it among the others was not necessary. The advantage of having this plant is unlike other plants that only work during the day this plant mainly functioned at night cleaning the air while absorbing the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Red-edged dracaena

Even though it can grow to be pretty tall, it still makes a lovely filler for an empty space in your house or apartment. The advantage is that it not only looks pretty it also removes harmful toxins from the air. Always remember to give this plant a lot of sunlight and water regularly.

Spider plant

Everyone can remember one of these hanging on your grandmother’s porch or veranda.

Extremely decorative and easy to grow. They make for a great air purifier, ridding the air of pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. This plant is so unusual that it even found its way onto the NASA list of best air purifiers.

English Ivy

This is a house plant that looks lovely and has been in homes for longer than we know. This plant filters the air within your home, and it does it so well that it is known as the number one best air filtering house plant.

Even though the spider plant absorbs formaldehyde, it is not as effective as the English ivy. Grown in little sunlight and a cool area it is easy to maintain and very adaptive, and it can be used as a hanging plant or potted as a floor plant.

These four plants are among a list of extremely affordable house plants with health Benefits. These plants can help people who have asthma, sinuses or if you just want to breathe cleaner air within your home. Electronic air purifiers are not so energy efficient, and with the way the economy is going it may not be very cost effective either, so why not go green and try a more natural alternative.

Do some research there are even more household plants with benefits than that which was listed. Visit your local plant shop to find plants that will suit your medicinal and health needs, they do not only look great, but they can help you live healthy as well.

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