Menswear style and fashion magazine Esquire recently named Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the “best-dressed man in politics.” Trudeau has been praised for his superb style when attending ceremonies and meetings with the other world leaders.

The magazine noted the prime minister’s taste for good fashion, whether he is sporting a casual style or wearing his formal coat and tie. It noted that his “impeccably polished style” has been among the most followed in the political scenes since he assumed the position of prime minister in the North American nation.

“Trudeau’s fashion sense stands on its own, and social media’s sweetheart is our reminder that dressing up for a formal setting does not have to appear boring,” Esquire’s Christine Flammia wrote. She noted that his style is generally slim, modern and sharp, something that other world leaders should also aim for.

Stylish leader

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has been seen attending various events with politicians around the world, carrying his unique style. Esquire was able to capture some images that showed his strong sense of fashion.

For instance, he was wearing a light blue-colored long-sleeve polo paired with white pants and some nice casual belt during one of the LGBT pride marches he attended.

During an event for the United States, the prime minister was seen wearing a pair of socks that had prints on it, different from the plain socks that formal events would require.

Furthermore, Esquire also shared images of Trudeau wearing his coat and tie. Despite the uniformity of the style, he was still able to stand out from others on the scene.

He has met with British royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and former United States president Barack Obama in his usual but unique formal wear.

Busy politician

Justin Trudeau posted on his official Facebook page that he was recently in Montreal to work on a task force that will deal with irregular migration in Canada.

The prime minister has been in Montreal a few days ago to attend the annual Lgbt Pride March. It has been earlier reported that the Montreal pride march featured businesses and offices, who joined the parade aside from the gay and lesbian groups.

His official Facebook account also announced that he will also be present during the Capital Pride Parade, which will be held in Ottawa this Sunday. He is commended for being among the few politicians who stand strong in support of LGBT rights.