A recent report revealed that Snail mucus can be an ingredient that can moisturize the Skin and minimize acne marks. Is it time to forget about the artificial cream that consumers use?

According to Ask Dr. Manny, the slimy mucus secreted by snails can replace the high-end skin care creams when it comes to reducing skin inflammation, minimizing acne marks and providing moisturizing effects. The mucus is naturally secreted by the shelled animal to protect their bodies from sun damage, bacteria and other external elements.

Dr. Manny also stated that the mucus snails produce is rich with hyaluronic acids, glycolic acids, copper peptides, elastins, proteoglycans and antimicrobial enzymes.

These chemicals are beauty enhancers and skin care compounds that are also found in beauty products, the article added.

Snails for the skin

The report further said that snail creams can offer benefits when reducing dark spots and acne scars. These have made cream-based products a hit among the younger generation, the group that is affected more by skin-related blemishes.

Other consumers that have used snail mucus and cream claimed that they had plumper skin and less wrinkled surfaces, Ask Dr. Manny added. Nevertheless, dermatologists are giving warnings that the effects from animal-based products can just offer short-term benefits, as opposed with tried and tested anti-aging health items.

Centuries-old treatment

Snail mucus or cream has reportedly been used since the Ancient Greek era.

These compounds were associated with historical figures such as Pliny and Hippocrates, Ask Dr. Manny pointed out. Pliny recommended the chemical to boost the healing of wounds and burns.

Furthermore, farmers in Chile also cultivated snails. These South American farmers reportedly offered their produce to the French escargot market. The consumers of the escargot tried the animal cream on their hands, and claimed that they looked smoother and younger, the article further explained.

Nowadays, there are Korean beauty companies that include the animal-based mucus as part of their packaged products. Now reportedly known as cutting edge on skin care, the use of snail creams also spread across the United States.

Despite the "icky factor" when applying these creams, there are customers who have tried these chemicals, Dr. Manny wrote.

Facial treatments using these products are also available in spa and massage parlors in Thailand and Japan, the article also reported.

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