The United States Border Patrol has nabbed a total of 30 Illegal Migrants consisting of Chinese and Mexicans from a tunnel on the US-Mexico border. The incident happened at Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, California. Such tunnels are usually used by drug smugglers and has now been converted to human traffickers. Authorities have already unearthed 12 tunnels of this nature since 2006 that were used to smuggle drugs, and this was the 13th one.

Tunnels come in handy for human smugglers

Daily Mail UK reports that Border Patrol agents who were on duty at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego came across a group of people whose movements appeared to be suspicious.

When the patrol agents tried to question them, they hurried back to the exit of a cross-border underground tunnel that had a ladder inside.

The group consisted of illegal migrants of Chinese and Mexican origin with the breakup of 23 and seven respectively. Further investigation revealed that the entry point of the tunnel was in Tijuana located south of the US-Mexico border in San Diego. The Border Patrol agents have confirmed that drugs were not found in the tunnel but, the opening was concealed by using dry bush and branches. Obviously, it was being used as a conduit to send illegal migrants into the United States. Mexican authorities are trying to identify those who are responsible for the setup for human smugglers.

Human smuggling is a new trend

The Trump administration has formulated new immigration policies and illegal migrants, who are desperate to come to the United States in search of a better life, have a few options. These are crossing the US-Mexico border through unguarded portions or fall prey to human smugglers.

Recently there have been reports of people being transported across the border via road in closed vehicles.

They would be crammed like sardines, and some of them have even lost their lives in the process. Interrogation of survivors has revealed that had shelled out hefty sums of money to those who arranged human smuggling operations and provided transportation.

The proposed US-Mexico border wall appears to have affected a large section of people who will go to any length to enter America.

They will not hesitate to face dangers of traveling through difficult terrains or even relying on those who agree to take them across in exchange for money. It is evident that the border wall will be a blessing in disguise for those who are involved in the new emerging trend of human smuggling.