Jared Leto is one busy man. The Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman is currently gearing up to release the band's fifth studio record and is also preparing for the release of the films "Blade Runner 2049" and "The Outsider," both of which he stars in. But before that, the 45-year old singer/songwriter is also promoting a new project with his band called "A Day in the Life of America," which aims to capture "a filmed portrait of the country," PEOPLE reported. Here's how it works.

Collaborative project between the band and their fans

The new Thirty Seconds to Mars project called "A Day in the Life of America" is in celebration of Independence Day, during which the band will send film crews to the 50 States of America, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

There, they will capture footage of the everyday lives of Americans.

Moreover, the band is also encouraging fans, filmmakers, and anyone who is interested in sending in their footage as well. Leto told PEOPLE (via Entertainment Weekly) that the project involves submissions from people all over the country, which can be "whatever it is that’s impactful, important or inspiring to you."

Jared Leto was inspired by 'National Geographic.'

The upcoming "A Day in the Life of America" video project came to Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto as an idea inspired by "National Geographic." He told Billboard that as a child, he enjoyed reading the magazine, to which his mother was subscribed.

He recalled that there was a book released in 1986 titled "A Day in the Life," which now inspired him to create something similar, but in video format.

He did not precisely point out the political climate of the country, but the Academy Award winner admitted, "It seemed like, both for myself and Thirty Seconds to Mars, an appropriate time to make the piece and a really important time in our country to tell the story of who we are."

Challenge posed to fans and citizens of the United States

The upcoming Thirty Seconds to Mars video project "A Day in the Life of America" poses several questions to those who are looking to hand in their submissions.

Some questions require participants to talk about what the country means to them and what the American dream stands for.

Through the submissions, the band wants "to see your America in all its imperfect glory." For more information on how to participate, visit thirtysecondstomars.us. Check out the video below to learn more.