Usually, it is a judge who hands down sentencing for someone who has committed a crime. On Friday, USA Today reported that a city court Judge has been sentenced to jail herself for violating the conditions of a drunken-driving conviction in 2016.

Judge Leticia Astacio was sentenced to 60 days in jail in addition to three years probation. The irony of this entire situation is that the 35-year-old judge specializes in prosecuting drunk drivers.

Judge's case

In February 2016, Astacio was charged with driving while intoxicated. A state trooper found her damaged SUV on the side of the highway.

During a bench trial in August 2016, she was found guilty. Since then, she had to submit to random court-ordered drug tests and abstain from alcohol. In June 2017, she was found guilty of violating those orders.

Prior to her sentencing, Astacio gave a 20-minute speech explaining to Judge Stephen Aronson of Canandaigua City Court that she had done everything she was required to do. While Astacio was speaking, she blamed the media for sabotaging her case and ruining her reputation. She accused reporters of giving false information about her just because she is a judge. Then she took the time to say she is a good mother and a symbol in the community that she serves. She stated that she is worried about how this is affecting her children.

Judge Aronson listened to Astacio's speech, but it did not keep her out of jail. She was told that she neglected to speak one word of remorse or contrition for her behavior. One judge said to the other judge that she disregarded the judicial system and failed to take responsibility for her action. In her speech, she did not apologize to the people who elected her or say she was sorry in any way for her behavior.

Going to jail

Astacio is ending up in jail because she did not comply with the orders stemming from her 2016 conviction. Since then, she failed to submit to an alcohol test. She left the country and went to Thailand for a month without notifying the court or her lawyer.

She has been in jail since June 5 at the Monroe County Hall of Justice.

Before going to jail, Astacio has not been allowed to preside over any cases and was barred from the courthouse. She continued to receive her $173,700 salary because she was elected to a 10-year term on Rochester City Court in 2014. Therefore, she remains an elected judge.

The judge will likely serve 45 days of the 60-day sentence with credit for the 30 days she already has served. Additionally, she will have to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet for six months after her release.