With so many Americans overweight, obesity has caused a serious crisis in America. Although dieters have the option of surgery, it may seem like a last resort for those who want to Lose Weight. Eating certain foods and other weight loss tips may help dieters achieve the results they want and avoid having to see a doctor to reach their goals.

Can food suppress appetite?

CNN reports that certain foods may help dieters suppress appetite and aid in achieving weight loss goals. The key may lie in simply tweaking a dieter's diet to achieve results. Including these foods in a healthy weight loss plan can return long term benefits.

One example of food that may help is Greek or Icelandic yogurt. These yogurts are higher in protein than other yogurts. The extra protein will help dieters feel fuller longer. Not only is yogurt a great snack, it will also help curb appetite too. Nonfat Greek yogurt contains 15 grams of protein, about double that of regular yogurt. Icelandic yogurt contains about 17 grams of protein.

In one study, dieters were given a diet that contained 30 percent protein. Although they were allowed to eat as many calories as they wanted, they reduced 441 calories from their diets. On average they lost about 11 pounds.

Other healthy dairy products that may help in weight loss are cottage cheese and milk. Eggs, fish, lean poultry, and meats are good meat sources of protein while peanut butter, lentils, and soybeans may be good choices for those who want meatless alternatives.

Avocados contain heart healthy fats and oleic acid, which aids in appetite suppression. Red chili peppers contain a compound called Capsaicin, which increases metabolism. Barley is rich in carbohydrates and also contains an appetite suppressant.

Easy weight loss tips that work

NBC News reports personal trainers are a good source of information on how to lose weight, and it doesn't require crushing it in the gym.

Chris and Heidi Powell, considered a power couple who train celebrities, suggested that dieters begin their journey with water.

Although it is an obvious tip, most dieters don't realize that not drinking enough water contributes to fatigue. Often the brain's signal for dehydration is confused with the hunger signal. The Powells recommend drinking 10 gulps of water each time the water bottle touches the dieter's lips to stay well hydrated.

The key to a toned body is created in the kitchen instead of the gym. No matter how much dieters diet, they won't see success until they focus on eating the right foods and cutting calories.

No amount of exercise can beat a bad diet. Instead of making all the changes at once, dieters have a better chance of achieving success by focusing on one change at a time. Plant based diets have also been reported to be more effective for weight loss while super foods can increase metabolism and burn more fat.