The right foods have often been proven to aid in weight loss. Superfoods burn fat and increase metabolism. Foods like apple cider vinegar have been shown in multiple studies to aid in weight loss as well as offer other health benefits. The latest study claims that tequila may aid in weight loss and also help diabetics too.

The science behind Tequila for health

The Sun UK reported that a key ingredient in Tequila may provide benefits for weight loss and aid in the fight against diabetes. The ingredient cited in the study is an ingredient that comes from the Agave plant, a plant used in the processing of Tequila.

The plant has naturally occurring sugars in it, called Agavins, which help in lowering Blood Sugar. This ingredient could lead to a new healthier sweetener that could help those with diabetes lower their blood sugar levels.

The Agavins also offered other benefits that included helping dieters to feel fuller and eat less. The American Chemical Society of Dallas, TX, presented the research, which showed that the Agavins are a form of fiber that won't raise blood sugar and are indigestible. Dr, Mercedes G. López, who helped to present the research said that the Agavins were low on the glycemic index and could be used to make light sweeteners.

Drinking Tequila to lose weight

The Daily Mail UK reports that scientists have discovered that the Agave plant can be turned into a sweetener that is more healthy for dieters.

Since the Agavins are insoluble fiber, it can be used to control blood sugar in diabetics too. A sweetener created from this ingredient could be used to help the 28 million Americans and 3.5 million Britons who struggle with Type 2 Diabetes. Scientists made the discovery when they fed a standard diet to mice and then added the Agave to their water.

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What the scientists discovered is that the mice who received the Agave water ate less, lost weight, and their blood glucose levels decreased. Agavins performed better than glucose, fructose, sucrose, agave syrup and aspartame, ingredients often used to make sweeteners. Scientists discovered that Agave also helped with growing healthy microbes in a person's mouth and intestines.

The benefit of using Agavins is that they aren't expensive and don't have any side effects. Scientists have cautioned against using this study as an excuse to hit the bars and drink Tequila because drinking alcohol won't help with losing weight or controlling diabetes.