Outdoors provide a relaxing environment with beautiful views of nature, peaceful sounds of the winds, birds and leaves away from the noises and bustle of city life. Setting up a camp in the outdoors and getting all the necessary equipment can be a hassle besides finding the right location and facilities.

Tentrr is out here to remove the troubles from camping oneself by connecting landowners with prospective campers by offering camps, equipment and facilities. The website has a similar approach to AirBnB as it Offers outdoor camps and land spaces with fresh open air rather than hotels.

Hard nature lifestyle on campsites

The camps are on private land and rather than having to stay all by oneself, one can even meet other camping groups and make friends. Beside beautiful landscapes, there are fully equipped tents where one can camp. The tents are just like hotel rooms and they have outdoor and natural living facilities.

One can come to stay alone or with friends and family as Tentrr landowners can accommodate any size. The tents offered at the camping sites are usually large with a wooden deck on a large camping ground.

They also have inflatable beds in the rooms, picnic tables, showers and sun bathing facilities. The location of the campsites can also be chosen and one can choose a variety of settings like a beach, a forest, meadows or an isolated nature area.

Camps with facilities and activities

There are also camps according to activities, such as swimming, hiking in the mountains, biking and fishing. Furthermore, there are various seclusion levels for the privacy and preferences of the campers, ranging from some people nearby to totally isolated.

The Tentrr facilities are presently only available in the state of New York, but plans are on to reach more states, such as the states in New England region and those in the mid-Atlantic. The prices for the camps range around 100 dollars per day.

The Tentrr startup is the creation of Wall Street employee Michael Agostino. Agostino wanted to escape the rat race of city life and go to the calm and refreshing world of the outdoors, and his company provides nature-starved urbanites solace and comfort in nature areas and campsites.

The company also provides facilities like ready-made tents and adjacent facilities which provide easy access to nature areas. The plan is taking up in the state of New York and it might become popular in other states and countries as well.

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