Former President Barack Obama had lived in Indonesia for some time during the 1960s and to relive the memories, he is on a five-day vacation to Bali, the capital, with his wife and daughters. This city is a popular tourist destination, and the Obamas will put up at the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, Ubud, which costs upwards of $2,500 per night.

The itinerary of Obama’s visit

Daly Mail UK reports that his visit will be to the island of Java where he will speak at the 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress. It is here that he grew up as a child following the marriage of his mother to a local man of Indonesia.

Barack Obama and Michelle arrived by private jet at a military airport via Guam and were accorded full security cover by the military. They were greeted at the tarmac by Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika after which the motorcade left for Ubud.

It will be a total rest for the family. The freestanding villas have a private pool and a spacious sun terrace that overlook the rice fields that surround the Ayung River. They can enjoy yoga and rafting, and at the end of the five-day vacation, the former president will go to the island of Java.

His plans in Java

In Java, Barack Obama will visit the city of Yogyakarta which is famous for its cultural heritage. Obviously, he has a special feeling for Indonesia because it was here that his mother carried out research in anthropology and he has now come on vacation.

Later, he will proceed to the capital to deliver the keynote speech at the Indonesian Diaspora Congress, scheduled to begin on July 1. Obama has not yet finalized the theme for the keynote speech. The organizers have suggested topics of globalization and pluralism and Obama will have to decide.

Ever since leaving office, the ex-president is enjoying life and has put aside all thoughts of politics.

As long as he was in office, he worried about problems at home and abroad and once out of office, he is a free bird. He and his wife Michelle have settled in a mansion in Washington DC and are waiting for their younger daughter Sasha to finish high school.

Barack Obama was president for two consecutive terms and has handled enough political situations to last him a lifetime.

He and Michelle are still young to enjoy life and have been doing so. They have gone to the private island of Sir Richard Branson and have spent vacations in Italy. Moreover, both of them have secured contracts to pen their memoirs which will keep them busy.

The Obamas are young and want to train and encourage the next generation of leaders. Therefore, they have also drawn up plans to construct a center in Chicago's Jackson Park where future leaders will get trained and groomed to take up challenges.