Losing weight is a huge battle for those who are struggling with blood sugar issues. Diabetics have an especially difficult time when it comes to losing weight because not only are many struggling with weight issues, they are struggling to maintain healthy blood sugar levels as well. In one study participants who ate a plant-based diet compared to a conventional diabetic diet had more successful results. The right eating plan can help with losing weight and keeping it off for good. According to the latest study, healthy blood sugar can help as well.

Two factors to consider in weight loss

The Science Times reported that high Plasma Glucose is a key to success in weight loss. Researchers from three universities, University of Copenhagen, University of Colorado, and Tufts University collaborated with researchers at universities in Spain to review six studies to determine the most important factor to consider when selecting the right weight loss plan for success. Their conclusion from the interventional studies was that if dieters wanted to select a diet plan that would lead them to success, the most important factors they needed to consider were blood sugar and fasting insulin. Fasting plasma glucose consists of blood sugar and fasting insulin, and the higher the fasting plasma glucose, the better the chances of success as dieters can lose six to seven times the weight from choosing the right diet.

The results were presented at the annual scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association.

High fiber low-glycemic diets and fasting glucose

Science Daily reported that in the same study, when participants followed a high-fiber, low-glycemic load diet, and had high fasting plasma glucose, the participants lost more weight than those who had low fasting plasma glucose.

Since fasting blood sugar (plasma glucose) can be measured, researchers suggested that it could be used as a tool for helping patients determine the right diet for losing weight. Eating a high fiber low glycemic diet helped patients to have high fasting blood sugar levels. Those who had high plasma glucose levels also lost more weight than those who had low plasma glucose levels.

For the participants in the study that were overweight, 79 percent who had a high plasma glucose level lost five percent of their body weight compared to 50 percent who had low plasma glucose levels. Of the two groups, 36 percent of those in the high group lost 10 percent of their body weight compared to eight percent who were in the low group. Participants in the weight loss study benefited from a behavioral intervention. In another study, meal timing also helped dieters to lose more weight.