President Donald Trump is confident that Tangier Island would not disappear under water in spite of the fact that large portions of the island have already have been lost to the sea. He called Mayor of the island and assured him that he need not worry about Rising Sea Level and apparently assured that the island has been there for ages and will continue to remain on the map as such.

What is the scenario like?

Daily Mail UK reports that Tangier Island is located hardly 100 miles from the White House and has a population of around 450 spread over a 1.3-square mile area.

In the opinion of environmentalists, this island could become the first casualty of rising sea level as a result of global warming. Studies have revealed that some portions of the island have disappeared at an alarming rate which is a matter of concern and if not checked in time, the inhabitants may have to move out in search for new habitats.

The study was carried out in 2015 and scientists have predicted that the worst scenario could happen within a quarter of a century because, by then, the island would become entirely uninhabitable.

This prediction is based on the fact that nearly 67 per cent of the island has already gone underwater since 1850.

Scientists have cautioned that unless action is taken on priority, the people of the island might become one of the first refugees of climate change in America. However, President Donald Trump does not share that thinking. He has assured the Mayor that Tangier would not be a victim of sea level rise.

His assurance could be due to his love for the island and its people, majority of whom had voted for him in his election.

Global warming could ruin the world

The fact is that Tangier Island is already listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its origin dates back to the 17th century and many of the residents are believed to be descendants of the English settlers who first set foot there.

The island is gradually sinking from erosion and rising sea level. Scientists have already signaled that its future is bleak and those who live there may be forced to abandon it within the next few decades.

President Donald Trump has his own ideas on climate change and probably nurses a belief that the concept of global warming is exaggerated. Experts have sounded the warning bell and have cautioned that global warming could lead to rise in sea levels. This, in turn, could wipe out human settlements. There is regular monitoring of the ice shelves at the Poles and satellite images show the breaking away of icebergs. These are some of the effects of global warming and those who ignore the signs do so at their own peril.

For the sake of the planet, it is the duty of every citizen to check and arrest global warming in his own way and ensure that life is not thrown out of gear.

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