The newly-released Minnie Mouse Heels are taking the internet by storm. Disney-loving women are gushing over Oscar Tiye's latest shoe collection. They have liked, shared, tagged, or pinned the photos of the shoes on social media thousands of times.

The Minnie Mouse heels design greatly appeal to the stylish women fans of Disney because it combines contrasting elements. It's classy and perfect for ladies but it's also fun to wear, which brings out the ladies' giddy inner 8-year-old child.

Sexy heels with a touch of whimsy

The Oscar Tiye brand has been posting the Minnie Mouse heels design on its Instagram for weeks now.

Cosmopolitan reports the shoes could actually be purchased online via Net-a-Porter or Moda Operandi for roughly $450 to $700 a pair.

The shoe designs come in either block heels or stiletto. The shoes also have a variety of colors and some come with glitters. The choices are plenty, enough to fill the hearts of every Disney-loving women.

One distinct look about the heels is that there's always a pair of Minnie Mouse's ears on its back. So whether a woman is dressed down in the denim stiletto or going formal with a pair of sequined heels, the Minnie Mouse's ears will stick out on the back of her ankles.

Regardless, the feet still looks sexy even with the whimsical #Disney element.

Some of the items among Oscar Tiye's Minnie Mouse heels collection are selling out so fast. In fact, only the plain black pairs are on the websites as the more colorful heels selections are no longer available. It's still unclear if the brand will rerelease the sold out shoes in amazing colors at a later date.

The collection is part of Tiye's Spring Summer '17 release.

Who is Oscar Tiye?

Oscar Tiye is high-end Milan shoe brand established by designer Amina Muaddi in 2013. Stars who have worn her creations include Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum, Zoe Saldana and Britney Spears.

Muaddi, who is Jordanian and Romanian by birth and who grew up in the Middle East, studied shoe design at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

According to her website, she chose the name Oscar Tiye and the scarab logo because it's significant to her heritage. "The name itself reflects the brand's mystery and personal significance," as stated on Oscar Tiye's official site.

Muaddi herself seeks the Italian suppliers and craftsmen for her shoes and nothing less. She's hands-on with her business so as not to compromise its quality.

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