Chicago Riverwalk is a new waterfront trail in Chicago city that opened recently and has achieved popularity among locals and tourists. The pier features four Floating Gardens, while there is a thriving Café and restaurants of one’s choice, like Tiny Hutt and City Winery for picky visitors. The sidewalk provides a new workspace for the inhabitants of the city besides relaxing and playing. Attractions in the area include McCormick Bridgehouse and the Chicago River Museum that offer a fascinating history of the waterway. There are paths and places that allow people to stop and admire the Chicago River.

This new space along the river is set to attract record crowds on the banks of the Chicago River.

Architectural and natural marvel

Bicycle rental is a great way to explore the Riverwalk, while travel operators like Kayak Chicago offer canoeing in the Chicago river with attractions from a different perspective. The Chicago Architecture Foundation also offers tours to the Riverwalk, which became the home of novel architecture like the buildings of Lloyd Wright, Gary Frank, and Jennifer Gang. Chicago is not new to advanced building and construction and Mayor Emanuel even proclaimed the latest landscaping project as "the next frontier of entertainment." The area features novelties like floating gardens, fishing docks, and fountains in addition to the eclectic new promenade and restaurants.

There are paddle boats and ships, which can be pulled and ridden.

Green open space

The opening of the alley made it the newest must-visit destination in Chicago for its residents. City dwellers crave this kind of green and open space. This area shows Chicago’s innovation commitment and interest in promoting environmental sustainability and environmental protection.

Chicago residents previously believed the Riverside environment was polluted and unappealing and even nearby buildings had no windows overlooking the water. But in the last few years, people have worked together to clean up the city's main water passages and in the year 2015 environmental legislation and the opening of new water treatment facilities has led to a dramatic improvement in water quality.

The Chicago riverwalk attracts many tourists and its ecological value can lead to similar nature projects in other cities. Many innovative methods are used for its design and establishment and other cities in the world can follow this example.