Book lovers and literary bloggers have likely had their BookCon and BookExpo tickets for months, but now fans at home can participate in some of the event's biggest moments without having to leave their couches, or shell out the money for a ticket into the costly conventions inside Manhattan's Javits Center.

Beginning Thursday, June 1st, BookExpo will be partnering with Facebook to live stream 2 packed days of author interviews directly to the social forum's "Books" page. Then, BookCon will take over to stream Saturday and Sunday's panels on Epic Read's fan page.

One location, four days, two book conventions

While BookCon and BookExpo share a similar theme, in that both look to advertise 2017-2018's hottest Book titles to attendees, each convention actually caters to different audiences within the publishing world. Book Expo is designed to reach those who actively work within the book and reading industry, from teachers and librarians to bookstore owners and agents.

There is even a special registration category for those looking to license titles on behalf of film and television producers. On the other hand, BookCon appeals directly to the consumer, pushing aside professional development opportunities for an overload of autograph signing opportunities and fan meetups sponsored by various social media channels.

Both conventions take place on all 4 levels of NYC's sprawling, 840,000 square foot Javits Center. Previous BookCons have seen nearly 18,000 fans on the floor during its weekend, while Book Expo receives closer to 20,000, although this number may decrease in 2017 after organizers decided to limit the number of book bloggers and independent authors allowed to attend.

Best-selling authors to be streamed online, fans able to participate remotely

While both book conventions offer opportunities for new authors to connect with readers, the Facebook Live streams will focus almost exclusively on best-selling authors. With at least 4 interview panels scheduled for streaming each day from June 1-4, book lovers should be able to find a few favorite authors among the roster.

Former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief, and current chick-lit author, Kate White will be the first to appear live from BookExpo on Thursday. She will be promoting the latest installment in her Bailey Wiggins crime mystery series. Later that same day, viewers will be able to watch an interview with Kwame Alexander, a poet who also writes children's and young adult fiction. He recently won the Newbery Award for Most Distinguished Contribution to American literature for Children.

Friday brings huge names like perennial favorite R.L. Stein to online fans. Colleen Hoover and James Patterson, who recently announced he will be writing a political thriller with former-President Bill Clinton, will also be featured.

On Saturday and Sunday, BookCon will feature primarily young adult authors and will also have panels with a number of Youtube book reviewers. An exception is Dan Brown, the author of "The Da Vinci Code," whose latest book in that series will be released this fall.

Viewers of the Facebook Live streams will be encouraged to participate and ask questions to the authors during the approximately 30 minute panels. Exact times for each appearance can be found on the author's respective Facebook page.

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