Serena Williams posted on Snapchat last week that she was 20 weeks pregnant. She immediately deleted the post but not before it caught the attention of many others on social media who shared the news. Then her publicist Kelly Bush Novak confirmed that the Tennis champion is indeed pregnant. Now that the news is out, Serena is publicly embracing her pregnancy.

As soon as Williams' pregnancy was confirmed, people began to do the math. They concluded that the 23-time Grand Slam winner won her seventh Australian Open while pregnant. That's when she beat his sister, Venus Williams, back in January.

She hasn't played tennis since then, but she is still moving up in the ranks. The new tennis rankings released on Monday show that Williams replaced Germany's Angelique Kerber as the world's number one.

Letter to unborn baby

Now that that news is out that Williams is expecting her first child, she posted an open letter to her baby on her Instagram page on Monday, April 24. The letter was short, but it included a heartfelt message from a mother to her unborn child. After the tennis player shared her thoughts about becoming a mother, she hinted that she will return to tennis about her baby is born.

Even if she knows the sex of the baby, the pregnant tennis player gave no clues in the letter. The salutation simply read, "My Dearest Baby." Then she expressed how her Unborn Baby has taught her some things and she can't wait to meet the baby.

She ended the letter by saying it was from the world's oldest number one to the world's youngest number one. She wrote the letter on the baby's father's birthday. The 35-year-old expectant mother is engaged to Reddit co-founder and executive chairman Alexis Ohanian who turned 34-years-old on Monday, April 24. The couple has been engaged since December 10, 2016.

Will Williams return to tennis?

In the letter to her unborn baby, Williams made a reference to "players box." That's where friends and family sit during tennis matches.

It might be a hint Williams is planning to return to her tennis career. Her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, believes the champion will return to tennis after giving birth. He did admit that it's difficult to be certain because as most people know that once you see and become involved in a baby's life, all other decisions depend on the adjustment. Therefore, even Serena doesn't know for sure.

The world will be waiting and be watching to see what the tennis player will do. Whatever decision she makes will surely be in the best interest of her family.