Mother’s Day happens in a couple of weeks, May 14 to be precise. As most do annually, expect that special Sunday to be filled with activities that include handing out sweet gifts or eating out. Aside from that, most would consider giving the traditional flowers/roses and/or sweets (i.e. cakes, candies) for Mother’s Day. There are some who take it to another level by shelling out cash as well.

How do you stand out?

Each year, husbands and kids try to come up with something better. Some resort to do-it-yourself projects like creating some form of memorabilia involving past and present photos.

Others even come up with a special program where kids (or even grandkids) put on a show using their talent (i.e. dancing, singing).

For moms, these would be sweet and unique. But for those who want to follow the same gift-giving route, you don’t really have to spend a lot. Here are some sensible gift ideas to consider for Mother’s Day 2017.

Personalized glasses or mugs

It may not be much but giving mom a personalized glass or mug goes a long way. It may not be extravagant but does come in handy at home or even at the office. Practicality goes a long way.


Prices vary but getting one that fits a budget would be enough for her to appreciate. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Simply find a bag that would be memorable and fit, at least for Mother’s Day 2017.

Bottled toiletries

Mom’s do need breaks and one includes surrendering battered bodies to the bathtub or shower. Giving them bottled stuff or toiletries such as bubble baths, lotions or moisturizers will come in handy once they get a chance to recharge.

Personalized shirts

Personalized shirts can carry special messages from loved ones, even a sweet or wacky slogan.

While it will still depend on who is giving the shirt, being original should be something any mother will appreciate.

Cook it yourself

Whether you head on over to a nearby restaurant or prepare a meal at home, it doesn’t have to be an exotic dish in order for mom to be able to appreciate.