Marijuana used to be a product that people avoided because it was associated with those who belonged to the category of drug addicts who referred to it as cannabis, weed, or pot. However, once the medicinal properties of the item came to the forefront, a new category of Recreational Marijuana emerged and took the market by storm. It is now considered to be a lifestyle product available in different forms and is believed to be a good business proposition. Those who once shunned it are today its greatest admirers.

The new marijuana era

According to Los Angeles Times, recreational marijuana has gained wide acceptance.

Assigning a legal status to it has brought in rewards because it helped set up a multibillion dollar industry. From being a product that used to be associated with the hippie culture, it is now elevated to the status of a luxury lifestyle product and has created a cannabis cigarette brand to woo discerning consumers.

The product is described as a low-potency cannabis cigarette and is compared with alcohol because the experience from each cigarette is apparently similar to the relaxed feeling one gets after a cocktail or glass of wine. In the opinion of its creator, one of these cigarettes is a cocktail and one puff, a sip.

The product wants to capture California

The product is expected to be seen in Los Angeles shortly before it moves to the rest of California and Massachusetts, that have granted legal status for recreational marijuana.

There are people who feel it is fashionable to use cannabis as regularly as they use spirits and the fad is catching on.

The use of the drug is no longer restricted to secret hideouts with fears of getting caught by the law and it is used openly because it has been legalized. The decision to legalize it has helped some of the states benefit from its direct sale and taxes and those who are still undecided have to take a stand.

The market is a huge one and those who are involved in its production are always on the lookout to diversify. Times have changed and people must embrace new concepts to keep up with the times.